French weather girl keeps nude promise

Presenter who lost World Cup bet bares all for forecast.
  • Doria Tillier
    Chas Early
    Last updated: 21 November 2013, 09:27 GMT

    French TV viewers got more than they bargained for after weather presenter Doria Tillier made good on her promise to forecast in the nude.

    The 27-year-old vowed to bare all if the French football team beat Ukraine to qualify for next year’s World Cup finals.

    Perhaps inspired by the ex-model's promise, Les Bleus duly overturned a two-goal first-leg deficit to win 3-0 at the Stade de France in Paris.

    Their passage to Brazil secured, all eyes turned to Tillier.

    Indeed, millions tuned in to Canal+ to see if she would hold up her end of the bargain.

    And hold it up she did, gamely stripping off for her segment of Le Grand Journal on France's Canal+ station.

    Admittedly, it wasn't full frontal nudity - it's a family show!

    Footage accompanying the weather map showed long-distance shots of the naked brunette running through fields.


    Tillie had promised to present "à poil" – stark naked - and she explained to a clearly disappointed studio audience that she had done just that - the field in which she gambolled so gamely lay just outside the village of Poil.

    Chas Early
    Last updated: 14 April 2014, 15:05 BST

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