In a move sure to create a cauldron of competitive charm-casting, Wookey Hole Caves has announced they are seeking a new witch.

The Somerset tourist attraction will be holding a day of what it calls “Hex Factor” auditions in October to fill the £50,000 a year (pro-rata) role.

The lucky winner will become the face of the caves’ advertising and marketing campaigns, and make personal appearances to entertain families who visit the spectacular site.

The caves have been left shorn of a sorceress as their current witch, actress Sunny Van der Pas, has handed in her notice after two years in the job.

“It is a fantastic job but any performer will agree that it is difficult to play the same role for two years,” said the 29-year-old.

“You have to like children, be able to cackle convincingly and enjoy dressing up and being really close to the public. You have to like living in a cave and be able to perform a few spells.”

The legend of the Wookey Hole witch tells how an evil enchantress cursed the romance of a local man. The jilted lover then became a monk, trapping the witch within the caves and petrifying her with holy water.

When auditions were last held in 2009, nearly 3,000 would-be wiccans sought to win the role, which is open to women, men or transgender applicants.

“Last time people came from as far afield as Germany and Italy to the auditions and it was absolute bedlam here,” said Daniel Medley, director of the tourist attraction.

“Since news of the vacancy leaked out last week we have already had people applying to us from all over the UK.

“We will have panels of judges here on October 22nd and we expect candidates to come dressed as witches. They will then have one minute to impress the judges.”

Anyone wishing to throw their (pointed) hat into the ring can apply via the offical Wookey Hole website.