A panel tasked with studying shaky footage of an object undulating on the surface of an icy lake has concluded that it proves that "there's no reason to doubt" the existence of the Lagarfljotsormur.

For those of you not versed in cryptozoology, the Lagarfljotsormur - or Lagarfljot worm - is a serpentine creature which has stalked Icelandic lore since its first recorded sighting in 1345.

Much like Scotland's Nessie, Lagarfljotsormur has made its home in a freshwater lake - Lagarfljot in the east of Iceland - and delights in evading detection.

But the game, it seems, is up.

The footage below - captured in 2012 from the banks of one of the lake's glacial tributaries - was originally dismissed by experts as a discarded fishing net, caked in ice.

But a 13-member panel convened in Iceland has now decided (by a nail-biting seven votes to six) that the grainy footage is of the legendary lake monster.

In the interests of science, we feel compelled to point out that the panel's credentials remain as shaky as the footage.

Lamentably, the word 'expert' is conspicuous by its absence in each and every description of the 12-strong body.

Indeed, many believe the ruling to be nothing more than a canny marketing ploy designed to draw tourists to the icy shores of Lagarfljot.

Is this really the legendary lake monster, or has Nessie quit Scotland for Iceland following the referendum? Let us know in the Comments section below.