A cute baby polar bear seemed to wave and looked like she was praying when she did anything but shy away from the camera in a Canadian national park.

The adorable cub was photographed by Greg Harvey from Alberta when he visited the Wapusk National Park in Manitoba earlier this year.

Polar bear strikes a pose

"A polar bear cub stretches out a limb and looks like she is waving,” the 43-year-old wrote on his website. She smacks her paws together, perhaps to remove snow off her pads or to relieve an itch? 

"And it looks like she is praying."

Polar bear strikes a pose

The self-taught photographer enjoys capturing anthropomorphic images, when animals demonstrate characteristics normally associated with humans.

"The funny thing about anthropomorphism is it can happen at any time,” he added.

“People often ask about the story behind the images. Truthfully, the stories of any interest are normally what happens behind the scenes in a strange country.”

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