Water flowed down the aisles and rained down on passengers of a double-decker Qantas Airways flight bound for Australia after a leak that forced the plane to return to Los Angeles.

The flight to Melbourne landed safely again at Los Angeles International Airport about an hour after take-off, the company said in a statement.

Qantas said there were no safety concerns with the leak and that the captain had decided to turn the Airbus A380 around in the interest of passenger comfort.

Water ran down stairs from the upper cabin and dripped onto passengers seated in the lower deck. Some people were moved to dryer areas of the plane.

"You couldn't keep going like that for 15 hours," passenger Ken Cross told a US TV network.

The flight was carrying about 400 passengers, an LAX spokeswoman said. They were put up at a hotel while other flight arrangements were made.

Qantas says the plane's crew did all it could to help customers and that the issue with the plane was being addressed by its engineers. The company said it was working to determine the cause of the leak.