A huge crowd of pregnant women gave the well-known yoga position ‘child’s pose’ a whole new meaning when they gathered to smash a world record.

In what must also be the world’s largest ante-natal class, 505 participants exercised together in Juzizhou Park, Changsha, south China’s Hunan Province for 37 minutes and 28 seconds on Sunday.


The women all had to produce medical proof to show Guinness World Record officials they were 12 or more weeks pregnant.

505 women setting a new yoga Guinness World Record

They broke the previous record of 423 pregnant women doing yoga together, which was set in Shenzhen, southern China's Guangdong Province, in 2013.

A certificate was presented to the new world record holders later in the day, but the participants will take more than that from their mass workout - last month scientists released research which they claimed proved yoga is good for pregnant women.