Time-lapse film captures the sky’s wonders - video

Watch a breathtaking compilation of thunderstorms, Northern Lights and the Milky Way shot from the US.
  • video Dakotalapse - still from stunning video
    Becky Barnes
    Last updated: 07 March 2014, 17:07 GMT

    The mystical wonders of the night sky have been celebrated in a dramatic time-lapse video.

    Breathtaking skyscapes, from the Northern Lights to lightning-filled thunderstorms, can be seen in the film above.

    US photographer Randy Halverson spent eight months capturing photos in his home state South Dakota, as well as Wyoming and Utah, before creating the compilation he named ‘Huelux’.

    “The weather in 2013 made it difficult for me to get some of the shots I wanted,” Halverson said.

    Dakotalapse - still from stunning video

    “There were many times I planned to shoot the Milky Way or aurora, and the clouds would roll in.

    “But that also allowed me to get more night storm time-lapse than I have any other year.”

    Although the stunning video looks seamless, it took Halverson much perseverance to get it right.

    Of six nights in Utah, the skies were only clear one night and when he was in Wyoming, two thirds of the nights were cloudy.

    Dakotalapse - still from stunning video

    “But I did get some of my best Milky Way shots of the year in Wyoming, [see 1:45-2:05 in the video],” he said.

    “The clouds did make for some good sunrise and sunset shots.”

    Halverson even managed to capture meteors in the Milky Way shots, although they can only be seen as a quick flash as they last just one frame.

    Dakotalapse - still from stunning video

    He called the film – which took a month and a half to edit - Huelux because hue is a colour property and lux is Latin for light.

    For more of Halverson’s amazing photos and videos, visit his website Dakotalapse.com.

    Video and photos courtesy of Randy Halverson.

    Becky Barnes
    Last updated: 07 March 2014, 17:07 GMT

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