People who dislike Ukip are planning to rack up a huge postal bill for the party by sending heavy items to the party’s Freepost address, which it then has to pay to receive.

Ukip opponents initially reacted to receiving the party’s political leaflet by sending them back to its Freepost address.

Royal Mail’s Freepost service means an organisation can choose to foot the bill for something sent to it by a member of the public.

Annoyed by the party’s policies, Twitter user Danika Parikh urged her followers to send the “unwanted” flyers back.

“Unwanted UKIP fliers being delivered to your house?” she wrote. “Send them back where they come from (by freepost return).”

Danika Parikh's tweet

Another user going by the name of El Roboto suggested people should shred the leaflet “for good measure” before sending it back and added a picture to illustrate their point.

El Roboto's tweet

Some accused Ukip of being racist and shared a defaced political poster, which pretends Ukip is promoting the slogan: “Have we posted racist leaflets through your door? Send it back to us at your expense.”

Helen Ayres' tweet

Many others got on board, using the hashtag #Ukipfreepost.

Ruaidhri Quinn decided to cut his leaflet into 100 pieces and return it in 100 different freepost envelopes:

Others added extra weight and poked fun at Ukip leader Nigel Farage:

While others boxed up unwanted items. It looks like Dave Smith included a door knob, a pot of varnish, wheels and an old mobile phone:

Inspired, Chris Lawson encouraged people to send bricks, which resulted in new hashtag #Ukipbrickappeal.

We have contacted Ukip – by phone, not Freepost – for a response, although one spoof website has suggested they could build a new headquarters with the bricks they receive.

When a website urged people to send bricks Nottinghamshire Lib Dems in a similar incident in April 2011, the police said it was not a crime to post things to a Freepost address.

Photo credit: Twitter / Guy Roulstone