December 14, 2003: Saddam Hussein is captured by US forces

After an eight-month manhunt, American soldiers found deposed Iraqi president Saddam Hussein hiding in a cramped bunker near his former Tikrit stronghold.

Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, was found in hiding and captured by American forces on December 14, 2003.

The ousted leader was discovered in a tiny bunker located between two farmhouses in the town of ad-Dawr, about 10 miles from his home town and former stronghold, Tikrit.

The mission to capture Saddam, named Operation Red Dawn, commenced after a tip-off was received from a member of the former president’s own family.

As shown in the video above, soldiers from the First Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division together with members of covert special forces team Task Force 121 found the entrance to the bunker, around six feet wide and eight feet deep, sealed with a polystyrene lid hidden under a rug covered with bricks and soil.

On uncovering the bunker, the soldiers were about to throw a grenade into it when a bewildered Saddam appeared out of it with his hands raised. As he surrendered, a soldier called out: “President Bush sends his regards”.

The former dictator was transferred to Iraqi authorities the following June and put on trial for crimes against humanity.  He was sentenced to death, and executed by hanging in December 2006.

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