Packing for a six-month stint in space is an unenviable task, but British astronaut Tim Peake has appeared prepared for almost every eventuality on board the International Space Station (ISS).

Here are some of the weird and wonderful items which were sent into orbit with Major Peake.

1. A fake tuxedo

The astronaut sported a long-sleeved tuxedo-style top as he presented singer Adele with the Global Success award at the Brits. His wife, Rebecca Peake, tweeted that the outfit had not been planned, writing: “Honestly not prearranged but he is British so you never know when a dinner suit might come in handy!”

2. The world’s most expensive bacon butty

A bacon sandwich was one of seven dishes created by Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal to give Major Peake a taste of home during his mission. Red Thai curry, apple crumble, stew with black truffle and an Alaskan salmon dish were also blasted into space. The chef admitted the fuel to send the bacon butty up to the ISS would have cost “a couple of million pounds”.

3. Road To The Stars by Yuri Gagarin

Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut, presented Major Peake with a copy of the book she took to orbit in May 1991. The autobiographical book, written by the first man in space, was signed by Sharman’s colleagues while she was in space.

4. England rugby shirt and ball

Major Peake wore an England shirt to launch the BBC’s Six Nations coverage with a video message, while grappling with a rugby ball in zero gravity.

5. Flags

Flags for Great Britain, Scotland, Wales and even Stoke City have been flown during Major Peake’s time in space. The British astronaut delighted Stoke fans by tweeting a picture of their club flag on Christmas Day, following a “Let’s Get Stoke In Space” campaign.

6. A gorilla suit

Perhaps the most unusual item spotted on board the ISS during the British astronaut’s mission was a full-sized gorilla suit – given to American astronaut Scott Kelly as a birthday gift from his twin brother. In a video posted online, Major Peake was seen being chased by a crew member wearing the outfit.

7. Raspberry Pi

The popular, credit-card sized computer has been used by Major Peake to run children’s apps and conduct experiments on board the ISS. The astronaut has been challenging students to write code to run on the computer, including turning the small device into an MP3 player.

8. Music player

Major Peake had 14GB of memory on the music player he took to space – and special custom-fitted earphones to block out background noise on the ISS. Throughout his time in space he has shared the songs he has been listening to on social media.