If you were umming and ahhing about booking those flights to Spain, we’ve got some news that might make you wonder if it’s even worth bothering. Britain could be in for hotter temperatures than usual this year, with early forecasts suggesting the sun could be here to stay in coming months.

sunbathers enjoying the warm weather on the beach in Brighton, East Sussex
(Lauren Hurley/PA)

Who needs Ibiza when you’ve got Brighton beach? The answer is: literally no one.

Forecasters say it is “slightly more probable” that temperatures will rise to above average for May, June and July than sink below average.

The possibility of a warm start to the summer months will be opened up by dry conditions reaching UK shores at the start of June, the Met Office said.

The Met Office’s three-month outlook, which is used as a general guide to help authorities prepare for forthcoming weather events, said: “For May, the probabilities of above average and below average temperatures are fairly well balanced, with above average only slightly more likely.

“Likewise, for May-June-July, above average temperatures are slightly more probable than below average temperatures.”

A packed Brighton beach in East Sussex
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It added that the likelihood of the country enjoying the warmest of its five weather categories during these months is between 20% and 25%.

If you’re feeling really optimistic about the British summertime, now might be the time to place a bet. Bookmaker Ladbrokes announced it had slashed the odds for it being the warmest summer on record to 5/2.

Punters are also being offered 3/1 odds on May being a record-breaking month, which a Ladbrokes spokeswoman said were changed following a “deluge” of bets. However, the Met Office has said it’s not likely that May will be much hotter than average.

A sunbather on Clapham Common
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A Met Office spokesman said: “This week is going to be about average temperature for this time of year.

“When the sun shines it will feel nice and warm and when it is wet and cloudy it will feel a bit unpleasant.”

A Ladbrokes spokeswoman said: “The odds are changing as quick as the weather, but we’ve been forced to slash the odds after a deluge of bets from punters.”