Visitors to a ski resort in Sweden witnessed a stunning natural phenomenon on Friday.

Skiers at the Vemdalen Resort saw a 22-degree halo around the sun above the slopes. Luckily for those based further afield, the resort shared a video of the moment on Facebook.

Ljusfenomen i Vemdalen

Det fantastiska ljusfenomenet Halo uppstod idag på Hovdetoppen i Vemdalen.

Posted by Vemdalen on Friday, December 1, 2017

The phenomenon is caused by the sun’s rays passing through cirrus clouds, which are made up of six-sided ice crystals. Light is refracted off the ice crystals, creating a halo effect.

The light is refracted at an angle of 22 degrees, and from the viewer’s perspective, the halo appears to be 22 degrees from the centre of the sun.