The public are being asked to propose names for the UK’s new polar research ship – and someone has come up with a cracker: Boaty McBoatface.

The suggestion for The National Research Council’s (NERC) next Royal Research Ship (RRS), is currently beating RRS Henry Worseley and RRS David Attenborough.

The new ship will replace the existing RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton, which work in the Arctic and Antarctic.

The boat will be 128 metres long and weigh around 15,000 tonnes, and up to 90 scientists and support staff could live on board.

The £200m vessel is due to be operational in 2019.

Anyone can propose a suitable name on the website and other ideas in the running are RRS Usain Boat, RRS Ice Ice Baby and RRS Boatimus Prime.

Fingers crossed we’ll see RRS Boaty McBoatface sailing through the Arctic Circle though.