You may not know it, but your body requires more water in the winter – especially if you have your heating system on quite often.

For those particularly worried about getting dehydrated, scientist Karen James has posted a helpful Twitter thread for those in need of advice.

While it may be raining or snowing outside, our homes – warmed by our radiators or wood-burning stoves – will have very low humidity that might almost resemble a “small desert”.

But as James points out, there are ways to increase humidity in your house without spending your hard-earned money on a humidifier.

Her advice, besides drinking plenty of water and regular moisturising, includes opening the bathroom door when showering, air-drying laundry venting the dryer into your house instead of outside (unless you have a gas dryer) and opening the dishwasher door when it is done to let the steam out.

And it appears, these are just the life hacks we need right now.