British astronaut Tim Peake has revealed the three tracks he will be listening to as he blasts off to the International Space Station.

The music will play “real loud” as he launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on a Soyuz FG rocket.

And the tracks are… Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, Beautiful Day by U2 and Coldplay’s A Sky Full Of Stars.

Peake explained he’ll be listening to the three tracks in the Soyuz on the launchpad in a post on his official Facebook page.

Here are the three songs so you can get ready for space too.

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

U2 – Beautiful Day

Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars

Peake will be travelling with Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko and Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra.

Each of the three spacemen gets three tracks which are played via their headseats ahead of the launch. They also get to listen to each other’s choices during the 40 minutes of so-called spare time they get if the pre-launch check goes well.

People are seemingly impressed by Peake’s choices…