It’s not often we find ourselves getting green-eyed over a one-year-old’s wardrobe. But then again, not every one-year-old gets a front row seat at New York Fashion Week or stars in a music video with more than 16 million hits. It’s fair to say that North West lives a life quite unlike most babies, or most adults for that matter.

It’s high time we all embraced the utter ridiculousness of the situation and just admitted that we’re all envious of North West’s jet-setting baby lifestyle.

Here are nine times baby North West’s life was infinitely better than yours.

1. When she wore pretty much any outfit Kim and Kanye picked out for her.

The black skinny jeans, cherry red Doc Martens and bomber jacket combo give North major edgy style points, while she looks equally at home in a cute white jacket, denim mini skirt and strappy black sandals. North is putting your outfit to shame right now.

2. When she sat on the frow for Kanye’s show at New York Fashion Week.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sit with their daughter North West during a rehearsal for the showing of Kanye West Adidas Fall 2015 collection at Fashion Week
(Bebeto Matthews/AP)

Dressed in a Kanye-esque bulletproof vest, black leggings and green boots, green legwarmers and black Docs, North was up there with the front row’s snappiest dressers. Although she did cry her way through the show much to the annoyance of Anna Wintour.

3. When she sat on the front row for every other Fashion Week show you wished you were invited to.

There she was at Alexander Wang, perched happily on the seat that could have been yours. Sigh.

4. When she starred in a music video with her superstar dad, which has so far amassed more than 16 million views.

It really puts that camcorder footage of you playing with your Barbie dolls to shame, doesn’t it? Why couldn’t you have had a rap career on the side, dad? WHY?

5. When she starred in multiple magazine shoots with Kanye and Kim.

When was the last time someone took a half-decent photo of you that didn’t make you completely die inside? Can you actually remember a time?

6. That time she wore a monkey onesie.

You are too old to pull this off. An adult in a monkey onesie doesn’t say “I’m quirky and adorable!” it says “I have no idea what I am doing with my life. Please give me guidance”.

7. When she was pulled along on a suitcase.

You parents would have given you a very public telling-off, had you ever pulled that kind of stunt at the airport.

8. When she took over as Kim K’s make-up artist.

Do you know how many make-up artists in the world would kill for that job, North? DO YOU?!

9. When she hung out with a gaggle of equally immaculately-dressed celebrity kids.

Your siblings, brothers and sisters all wore GAP jumpers and worn-out jeans. There are approximately 0 pictures of you guys looking this cute.

So yeah, we’re pretty jealous of baby North.

Then again, her dad is Kanye…