The rumour mill’s been abuzz that the great lord of television, also known as Simon Cowell, would possibly for the first time in his life, be hypnotised by, er, a DOG on tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

Britain's Got Talent
Krystyna Lennon and her dog Princess (SYCO/THAMES TV)

So when Krystyna Lennon introduced master hypnotist dog Princess on the BGT stage, we were all primed to see what would happen, but also a bit dubious.

But weird things started to happen when volunteers were called to the stage to be hypnotised by the clever canine – they dropped on the floor like hot potatoes within seconds of staring into the adorable eyes of the black pooch.

It was as if they were in a trance.

Even presenters Ant and Dec and Dec failed to resist Princess’s powerful spell.

Britain's Got Talent
Princess works her magic as Ant and Dec look on (SYCO/THAMES TV)

A rather bemused Simon decided it was time see for himself what it was all about.

Despite kneeling in front of the mighty Princess and staring into her eyes, he failed to fall under her spell, saying: “Nothing’s happening”.

“It’s just a normal dog, it’s just a dog with a huge tongue staring at me.”

And then the weird things began to happen. Simon saw contestant Feng Xue skating to a Susan Boyle song and thought it was pretty good (well it wasn’t!).

Britain's Got Talent
Feng Xue (ITV)

When contestant Andy Davies came along to sing a rather horrendous rendition of a Bee Gees classic, Simon appeared to like him too (WHAT?).

Britain's Got Talent
Andy Davies (ITV)

“You are being disrespectful,” quipped Simon as fellow judges David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden appeared to look shocked, before seemingly falling asleep at his desk. Had he actually fallen under the dog’s spell after all?

Well, hypno dog may sound really cool but the viewers don’t seem to be buying this…

Ant and Dec couldn’t recognise the number “seven” after they came out of hypnosis, but the viewers still couldn’t believe this was real.

Moving on to other let downs… Singer Paul Manners boasted of singing at Peter Andre’s brother’s wedding but then proceeded to forget the words to his own song Hold You (In My Arms).

Britain's Got Talent
Paul Manners (ITV)

Then there was a man dressed as a nun playing the piano who was so bad that it was actually entertaining.

Britain's Got Talent
Musical Ruth – Matty Hunt (ITV)

But the stars of the show were Isaac Waddington, who’s rendition of She’s Always A Woman To Me blew everyone away and Lisa Simpson, who’s jaw-dropping hula hooping had everyone mesmerised.

Britain's Got Talent
IsaacWaddington (ITV)

Britain's Got Talent
Lisa Simpson (ITV)

But one thing’s for sure, we haven’t seen the last of that dog yet.

Britain's Got Talent
Princess the canine hypnotist (ITV)