Tina Hobley has said she still gets emotional when she watches her old Holby City episodes.

The actress recently announced she was leaving the medical drama after playing nurse Chrissie Williams for 12 years.

Asked whether there was a Holby episode she was particuarly proud of, she said: "There have been lots. The one that comes up a lot is when Chrissie lost her baby, that seems to have become an iconic episode.

"I saw it on YouTube recently, and it was quite moving watching it back after all these years. People love a bit of tears, drama and wailing."

As for future projects, Tina said she wants to work with Jeremy Clarkson, adding: "I'd love to do Top Gear."

She added: "The wish-list would be a great new ITV show like Broadchurch or BBC Two's The Fall, which was amazing.

"Something completely different from Chrissie is what I'm after. Or Game Of Thrones, my teenage daughter and I are completely hooked on that - I'd love to play a crazy lady on a horse."

Tina said: "It would be nice to do some presenting if it was something I felt passionate about. Maybe doing a documentary - James Nesbitt did these lovely programmes about Ireland and New Zealand, and something like that would be great. I'm very passionate about travelling, so that's definitely something I'd consider."