Rafe Spall has spoken about the juggling act he has performed while filming the new Jurassic Park movie by day while starring in the National Theatre’s production of Hedda Gabler by night.

The actor stars opposite Ruth Wilson in Patrick Marber’s retelling of the Henrik Ibsen play, which is sold out until the end of its run next week.

(National Theatre)
With Ruth in Hedda Gabler (National Theatre)

Rafe, who has been nominated for an Olivier Award for his performance, said he is approaching the end of the play with mixed feelings.

Arriving at a luncheon for the nominees, he told the Press Association: “It will be sad and it will be a great relief because it’s an extraordinarily demanding thing to do, and I’ve got three very young children who wake up before 6am and I don’t get to sleep before midnight because of the show and that is tough.

(National Theatre)
(National Theatre)

“But don’t cry for me, I’m alright. I’ve also been making the Jurassic Park movie in the daytime, so Ibsen and dinosaurs have been happening at the same time.

“You just get on with it, they are two very different characters and it’s fine, it’s a massive privilege. I can’t bang on about how tired I am because it’s a huge privilege, it’s all I ever wanted.”

The currently untitled sequel to Jurassic World will see Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return to the roles of Owen and Claire, while Rafe is a new member of the cast.

He said: “It’s being directed by JA Bayona, who is a genuine auteur, so to have someone like that putting his own mark on it is extremely exciting, it’s a bit like when (Alfonso) Cuaron did a Harry Potter, a brilliant film-maker with their own visions coming on to a franchise.

“It’s a great part and Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt are extremely talented and charming people so I’m really enjoying it.”

Spall added that the best part will be sharing the film with his young children, after a long stint in an adult play.

He said: “That is part of the power of Jurassic Park, kids love dinosaurs and they have since time immemorial so I’m really excited to be in something they will be so pumped about.”