All celebrities are not equal – some are miles ahead of the rest.

And it seems that the bigger you are, the bigger your surges in popularity.

The celebrities who have gained the most Instagram followers in 2015 are pretty much the biggest on the planet, and it seems their popularity still hasn’t reached its peak.

1. Taylor Swift

Total followers – 56.9m (73% increase in 2015)

We all want to be Taylor Swift’s friend. It’s just not possible to not like her (we’ve erased that Nicki Minaj episode from our memory…)

2. Selena Gomez

Total followers – 53.2m (67% increase in 2015)

It’s hardly fair when there’s five of her…

3. Kim Kardashian

Total followers – 53.1m (61% increase in 2015)

Kim may not be the most followed on Instagram but she’s famous for selfies, she was always going to make the list.

4. Ariana Grande

Total followers – 50.2m (65% increase in 2015)

We all love seeing snaps of Ariana and her nan.

5. Beyonce

Total followers – 52.3m (61% increase in 2015)

Slightly outraged that Bey didn’t top the list, but whatever.

6. Kylie Jenner

Total followers – 43.6m (69% increase in 2015)

She may be less followed than half-sister Kim, but before long she’ll be caught up.

7. Nicki Minaj

Total followers – 39.8m (72% increase in 2015)

Look at that growth…

8. The Rock

Total followers – 34.3m (83% increase in 2015)

The “most electrifying man in sports entertainment” is also lighting up Instagram.

9. Kendall Jenner

Total followers – 42.5m (64% increase in 2015)

If one Jenner sister was in here, the other was always likely to be.

10. Justin Bieber

Total followers – 45.7m (59% increase in 2015)

Just like his music, Biebs has managed to reach a much wider audience on Instagram in 2015.