Dan Stevens has signed up to voice a part in the remake of The Tomorrow People.

Ex-Downton Abbey star Dan gets his first major US TV role as the voice of biological computer TIM, Entertainment Weekly has said.

The Tomorrow People was first a hit in the UK in the 70s, when the computer's voice came courtesy of Canadian actor Philip Gilbert.

It is now being remade in the US for channel The CW and will air on October 9, coming to the UK through E4.

Dan, who left Downton Abbey when he was killed off in a car crash at Christmas, is the latest in a line of stars to be heard but not seen in TV shows - Kristen Bell voiced over Gossip Girl, Bob Saget can be heard on How I Met Your Mother and Ron Howard's vocal skills were employed for the pre-Netflix series of Arrested Development.

The actor who played Downton's Matthew Crawley can be seen on film opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in The Fifth Estate, a film about Julian Assange, due to be released in cinemas on October 11.