Thandie gives birth to baby boy

Thandie Newton has welcomed her third child, a baby boy named Booker.
  • Thandie Newton and Ol Parker have welcomed a son
    Last updated: 05 March 2014, 18:22 GMT

    Thandie Newton has given birth to a baby boy.

    The British actress shared the news with her fans on Twitter, revealing she and her husband Ol Parker welcomed their son on March 3 and that they have named him Booker Jombe Parker.

    The 41-year-old wrote: "Our baby boy is finally here! Booker Jombe Parker. Born joyously at home yesterday."

    The new arrival is a sibling for the couple's daughters, Nico, nine, and 13-year-old Ripley, who the Crash star said were also born at home.

    She tweeted after her son's arrival: "My 3rd home birth with brilliant independent midwife Caroline Flint - and Carole Goddard @PhoenixMidwives. Keep independent midwifery alive!"

    Writer, director and producer Ol also shared the happy news online.

    "We had a baby, that's a beautiful thing. He's called Booker, and while he doesn't do much yet, I suspect him to be awesome," he said.

    Thandie married Ol in 1998.

    The couple confirmed the pregnancy in September.

    Last updated: 05 March 2014, 18:22 GMT

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