It has come to our attention that some people are being very silly and not treating the electoral campaign of Nigel Farage and his Monster Raving Ukip party with the respect they deserve.

Upon receipt of their amateurish campaign leaflet this week, some members of the electorate decided to take advantage of Ukip’s generous Freepost service by sending the handouts back to Ukip HQ, meaning that the party will incur postal charges.

Some took it further, cutting the flyer up and posting the pieces in separate envelopes.

And some really went to town, sending Farage and his chums a lot of rubbish by return of post, in what one might call a tat-for-tat exchange.

What has the world come to when a respected politician is being sent bricks through the mail by the electorate?

Still, we live in a free country, despite what those meddling Europrats and dastardly foreigners would like, and the poor Ukippers will have to take it on the chin.

The leaflet itself is a bit of an embarrassment, as you would expect. A large red headline of statistically dubious provenance about foreigners dominates one side.

Then there are some bullet points about how Europe is trying to control us – very handy tips from people who want to be elected Members of the European Parliament.

There’s also a little diagram telling you how to put your ‘X’ on the ballot paper if you want to vote Ukip. Basically you scratch an ‘X’ next to the word ‘Ukip’.

Not to be unkind, but perhaps that gives you a bit of a clue as to the intellectual capacities of the target audience.

On the other side of the leaflet, there’s a really terrible fuzzy photo of, and an address from, the Dear Leader.

The manifesto can literally be summarised thus: the European Union is rubbish, please vote for me to have a go in its parliament, something something, gas bills, something something, patriotism.

It’s a national embarrassment that this guy is actually in the public eye rather than frothing over his gin in a Masonic Lodge somewhere in Surrey, but I think in many ways a robust and resounding endorsement of our democracy.

We should all be proud to live in a country were Nigel and his views are tolerated and treated with some respect, and they’re even allowed to crayon a few leaflets and post them out.

How sad that some people are not treating his leaflets and ‘policy’ seriously.

Alan Tyers wouldn’t waste a perfectly good envelope on it.

This article is the opinion of Alan Tyers and not necessarily that of BT.