Facebook group Women Who Eat On Tubes features photographs of women, well, eating on the London Underground.

The pictures are taken without consent and then published without consent on a page which has more than 20,000 members.

Its critics have called it intrusive, creepy and misogynist. One photographed woman has written that she felt bullied.

Its creator, Tony Burke, says that the project is “art”. He also says “people just need to develop a sense of humour, and toughen up a bit”.

I was on the Tube the other day in a crowded rush hour, standing room only. The person crushed nearest to me was eating a lentil soup from Pret A Manger. 

Smelly. Gross. And given the lurching carriage, I felt I might soon be wearing it.

The soup eater, who had a bad head cold, was also snivelling and snorting while slurping up his meal on wheels. Appalling behaviour.

I personally believe that eating on public transport is selfish and wrong, but the world is a busy place and I suppose a sandwich or a packet of crisps is just about excusable if you really, really have no other time. Hot food is just crazy.

I would think anything that shames people into behaving a bit more courteously to those around them should be encouraged.

However, Burke says that is not his intention. As far as I can tell, his goal is a sort of concept art about the public and private space, and capturing people in unsuspecting moments when they are at their most natural.

Or it could just be about girls eating bananas, because, you know, bananas are funny. Ha ha ha.

What I don’t really get is why it just has to be women eating on the Tube.

Is there any evidence that women do this more than men?

Why does the gender of the person stuffing a ham sandwich into their gob make commuit more or less interesting or wrong?

What sort of sexual power-trip is this?

Would the "art project" be less popular if it was just People Eating On The Tube?

Taking pictures of people without their consent is discourteous. But then again so is stuffing your face on public transport.

My overall verdict is that everybody involved is wrong and should probably just stay at home.

Alan Tyers once ate a packet of crisps on the Victoria line – and has regretted it ever since.

This article is the opinion of Alan Tyers and not necessarily that of BT.