Prince Harry's 30th birthday is the perfect opportunity to admit he is your favourite royal.

Here are 12 times the world wished all members of the royal family were more like him:

1. When he tweeted.

2. When he played the tambourine in Gary Barlow’s single for the Diamond Jubilee.


3. When a photo of him partying naked in a Vegas hotel room was leaked to the Sun.

Not that we want to see any other members of the royal family in the nude…

4. When he walked 200 miles to the South Pole.


5. When the prankster threw smoke bombs into a marquee of party-goers.

His reaction might have been something like this, although the birthday girl was said not to be amused

6. When he beat the fastest man in the world.


7. When he reportedly twerked (a lot) at Guy Pelly’s wedding.

8. When he did this at reporters at three years old.

Three-year-old Prince Harry poking his tongue out

9. When he ran around naked at his dad’s 50th birthday party.

10. When he did this dance.

Prince Harry dancing at the Kananelo Centre for the Deaf, in Lesotho

11. And this one.

Prince Harry dancing with children at the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus day care centre in Chile

12. And this one

Prince Harry dancing with Prince Seeiso in Maseru, Lesotho

Happy Birthday Harry!