An 89-year-old woman who fought off burglars with her umbrella has won praise from a judge for her courage.

Mildred Unsworth challenged two masked intruders after they broke into her family's house looking for jewellery.

Mildred, who has since turned 90, set about the pair of criminals, Edward Brown and Philip Mortlock, with her umbrella while her daughter-in-law Frances, 67, grabbed a walking stick to fend them off during the break-in in October last year.

Mortlock (pictured above and below) fled the scene with considerable facial injuries.

The raid at the property in Tatham, Lancashire, took place after Mildred's son Neil, a jeweller, was targeted.

Philip Mortlock

Judge Pamela Bradley said: "It was a violent confrontation but the determination of the victims meant that the attackers did not find their victims an easy target. The 80-odd-year-old lady set about the intruders with an umbrella.

"The two intruders fled empty-handed but this does not reflect the serious nature of what they had undertaken.

"This was a planned attack and the arsenal of items recovered showed that this was intended to be an attack in which the victims would have been overcome."

Brown was jailed for nine years and nine months while Mortlock was sentenced to nine years and two months in prison.

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Photo credit: Lancashire Constabulary