A campaign for a statue of a suffragette to be mounted in London's Parliament Square is being stepped up today, on the 150th anniversary of the first petition for women's votes.

Activists will tell an event in Westminster that the statue should be of Millicent Fawcett, who led the campaign for women's votes in 1866.

A petition has secured close to 75,000 signatures, pointing out there are 11 statues of men in Parliament Square, but none of women.

Speaking at an event hosted by the Fawcett Society, activist Caroline Criado-Perez said: "Millicent Fawcett was there from the very beginning of the fight for women's suffrage.

"At the age of 19 she organised signatures for the first petition for women's votes to be handed to Parliament. She died the year after women were finally granted equal voting rights in 1928.

"It's shocking that she doesn't already have a statue of her own - and Parliament Square is the obvious place for her to be."