Dame Vivienne Westwood has been accused of "utter hypocrisy" for employing unpaid interns at her fashion house while "cosying up" to Jeremy Corbyn and railing against inequality.

The renowned fashion designer is a vocal left-winger and has regularly attended anti-austerity demonstrations with the Labour Party.

But Conservative Alec Shelbrooke has accused her of being an "unscrupulous employer" for hiring interns five days a week for no pay.

Moving the second reading of his Private Member's Bill to effectively ban unpaid internships, he said: "A high profile left-wing political activist in the fashion industry seems to advertise for unpaid staff in what can only be described as utter hypocrisy."

The MP for Elmet and Rothwell told the Commons that despite previously being exposed for employing unpaid interns, Dame Vivienne "has carried on exploiting young people by taking on more unpaid internships".

He added: "What makes this all the more unbelievable is that these adverts for unpaid staff are from the very same multi-millionaire fashionista who we've recently seen cosying up with the leader of the opposition, travelling around the streets of north London protesting against inequality.

"Ms Westwood also gave a keynote speech to the junior doctors' strike, which makes me wonder what planet somebody is on when they protest that a 13.5% pay rise for junior doctors is not good enough while blatantly refusing to pay her staff a wage."

Mr Shelbrooke said his National Minimum Wage (Workplace Internships) Bill would crack down on the trend.

He said: "It's a scandal, it's a disgrace, it's a flashback to Victorian Britain which most in this Chamber would not have thought believable.

"The more you investigate shoddy workplace practices, the more it feels like the opening of Pandora's box. And the worst culprits seem to be the high end business, fashion or entertainment industries."