Many people have woken up to the first widespread frost of the season after the coldest night since early May.

Tulloch Bridge, in the Scottish Highlands, saw temperatures fall to minus 5C (23F), the coldest recorded since the night of May 8-9, where minus 5.1C (22.8F) was recorded at Shap, Cumbria.

Other parts of the UK also dipped below freezing overnight, marking the coldest night of the season so far.

The cold temperatures will continue into Monday, before a milder remaining week.

Met Office forecaster Chris Page said: “It’s really quite struggling today, we are looking at temperatures between 9C (48F) to 10C (50F), possibly 11C (52F) across the board, with maybe 12C (54F) in London, so a cool and chilly feeling day after a cold start.”

But despite the chill, it will largely be bright and sunny.

Some high cloud coming in across from the West will cause some hazy sunshine in the north of England and Scotland.

Mr Page added: “But the cold theme is only short lived because the wind direction changes to a south-westerly as we work through tonight into tomorrow, seeing milder air beginning to nudge its way towards the British Isles.”

The milder weather will last all week, with temperatures around average for the time of year.