Two-fifths of divorcees in Britain had doubts about their marriages before walking down the aisle, according to a survey.

More than 20% were nervous about the future, and 10% said they felt physically sick about their big day, a poll of around 1,600 divorced Britons found.

Some of the most common reasons people went through with the ceremony, despite their doubts, were that they hoped it would work out, thought it was too late to pull out, or felt pressure from their family.

About 7% admitted spending so much money on the reception that they felt they could not cancel it.

Around 60% said they had no regrets about the marriage not working out.

The research, commissioned by family law specialists Slater and Gordon, found that people getting divorced often regret not listening to their gut feeling before becoming Mr and Mrs.

Amanda McAlister, head of family law at Slater and Gordon, said: "It is entirely natural to be nervous on your wedding day and many people who are have very happy, lifelong marriages.

"But we also have some clients who say they had an early instinct their marriage might not be successful and now regret not listening to that doubt."