Most members of the House of Commons are believed to have voted Remain in the EU referendum.

According to a survey of all 650 MPs carried out by the Press Association ahead of the referendum on June 23:

:: 480 MPs said they would be voting Remain, including 184 Conservatives

:: 159 MPs said they would be voting Leave, including 139 Conservatives

:: 11 MPs were undeclared, including four Conservatives

This gives Remain a notional Commons majority of at least 310.

Some 218 Labour MPs said they would vote Remain while just 11 backed Leave.

All eight Liberal Democrat MPs intended to vote Remain, along with all 56 SNP MPs, all three Plaid Cymru MPs, all four Sinn Fein MPs and all three SDLP MPs.

Green MP Caroline Lucas also said she would vote Remain, as did independent MP Sylvia Hermon and the two Ulster Unionist MPs.

The eight DUP MPs said they would be voting to Leave, along with Ukip MP Douglas Carswell.