A father-of-two who bought a Christmas Day lottery ticket an hour before the draw has scooped £1 million.

John Gill, 56, from Warrington, Cheshire, said that the win was the "best ever ending to 2015 and the best ever start to 2016".

Mr Gill who runs his own truck repair company in his home town also won a luxury holiday to the Northern Lights after purchasing a £2 ticket for the EuroMillions Mega Friday draw on Christmas Day.

But before purchasing his dream car, the married father bought two mobile phones for his son and daughter after joking that he would buy them a new one if his numbers came in.

He said: "My son had his mobile phone stolen the week before Christmas. I gave him an old phone just so he wasn't without one.

"I said to him on Christmas Eve, how are you getting on with that phone and he said it will do for now.

"My reply was, you never know, I may win the lottery on Christmas Day and then you can have a new one. Never did I really believe this wish and dream would come true."

Mr Gill, who has been married to accountant Patricia for more than 30 years, described the moment he realised he had become a millionaire.

"I had been playing a game online and I had run out of lives so I just thought I would check my lottery results.

"I had to check, check and check again - I just kept thinking this cannot be real.

"I just couldn't work out if I had won £100, £1,000, or £100,000 - and then I realised it was £1,000,000. I just kept staring at the noughts, looking away and then looking again thinking am I going cross-eyed, this just cannot be true?"

After his bucket list became a reality - business class travel to Australia and a trip to the Grand Canyon, he has also his sights set on a white Jaguar.

In addition to the £1m cash prize, the couple will fly by helicopter to Scandinavia where they will enjoy a one week luxury stay in a lodge with private maid service and a private chef.

Mr Gill added: "I just cannot believe it - the only word for it is surreal. Things like this just don't happen to John and Patricia."