More than three quarters of Brits will stay in on New Year’s Eve, according to new research - shunning traditional New Year’s celebrations in favour of more subdued celebrations and even an early night.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults by 888 Casino showed that 77% intended to stay in this New Year’s Eve – and that a whopping 42% were not even planning to stay awake for when the clock strikes midnight.

Overpriced food and drinks topped the list as the number one reason people will be staying in on December 31, closely followed by inflated transport costs.

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Lack of money was the third reason, with Christmas expenses taking their toll. 37% of those staying in this New Year’s Eve blamed fatigue, with more than a third of those confessing to feeling “too tired” to go out following December’s festive celebrations.

Top five reasons Britons won’t be celebrating:

1.            Overpriced drinks - 76%

2.            Inflated price of taxis - 64%

3.            Lack of money – 56%

4.            Being too tired -  37%

5.            Not having anyone to spend it with - 21%