Passengers were left in a panic after a faulty train forced them to be evacuated from a Tube train during the rush hour.

The incident on the Victoria line at London's Warren Street undergound station at 5.20pm brought police to the scene and left medical secretary Stephanie Yeboah, 26, feeling "petrified" .

She told the Standard: "Everyone was understandably shaken and some people started to panic, asking staff what was going on, but no one was telling us anything.

"Two or three minutes after that lots and lots of police came onto the train and told everybody to get out, so everybody rushed onto the platform.

"No one really knew what was going on."

Ms Yeboah said: "I was definitely petrified considering recent events (in Paris)."

A passenger called Dixie later tweeted: "Anyone know what's going on at Warren Street? Had to get off train and saw loads of police running down to the platform"

A Transport for London spokesman said the incident had caused delays and the train "is being looked at".

He said: "It was a faulty train. The train was emptied and the passengers were moved off. "

A British Transport Police spokesman said: "There was no cause for alarm at Warren Street. Officers were quick to respond to a report of smoke on a service but it was simply a defective train."