Christmas is in full swing in the capital with the unveiling of its famous window displays aiming to tempt shoppers into some early festive cheer.

Selfridges has departed from the traditional snowscapes and mangers to transform its Oxford Street windows into a zodiac-themed "journey to the stars" - albeit with the star of Bethlehem as its focus.

The department stores hopes to lure shoppers in with a mystic grotto, star-gazing on the roof and a moving orrery built with advice from the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Around 500 contractors and Selfridges staff worked on the displays over 32,000 hours since June 2015, the store said.

The windows contain 10,000 laser cut leaves, 450 meters of neon lighting and two tonnes of glitter.

Selfridges creative director Linda Hewson said: "We are very excited about our festive theme this year which has allowed us to creatively explore the realm of constellation and astrology. They are timeless and relentlessly fascinating to so many people.

"Above all the theme gave us the opportunity to design startling displays, in-store experiences and product collaborations full of sparkle, stardust and fun.

"We are sure our customers will love how we brought it all to life in our windows and in-store."