If you park in a disabled or parent and child bay at your local Tesco when you are not eligible to do so, you could be fined £40.
The supermarket giant has trialled the scheme in 81 stores and it is now being rolled out to over 200 stores – thanks to the positive impact noticed by both staff and customers, according to Tesco.
Under the scheme, staff members can report misuse of parking spaces via a mobile app. Customers who are spotted using dedicated bays when they are not eligible will receive a parking charge notice (PCN) for £40 if paid within 14 days.
Tesco makes no money from the scheme. “Many of our disabled customers rely on our disabled parking bays, so we’ve introduced our self-monitoring initiative to highlight the importance of using the bays properly, making it fairer and easier for everyone to find a parking space in Tesco,” said a Tesco spokesperson.
Cat Parkinson, car park operations executive at Tesco, added:  “We want to change attitudes towards the misuse of disabled bays by highlighting the importance of disabled bays being used properly. I hope the scheme will help our disabled customers shop with ease in our stores.
“Disabled parking is an important part of the customer experience that is sometimes overlooked. I'm trying to change that. I'm delighted that the scheme is already making a difference for our disabled customers.”
Many customers agree:
Others agree that disabled parking spaces should be enforced, but are less sure about the need to enforce parent and child bays. User IronRobson commented on WalesOnline: “Agree with the disabled bays being protected but last I checked it wasn't illegal to park in a parent and child bay without a child.”
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