The received wisdom might always have been that people are friendly in Yorkshire, funny in Liverpool, and too busy to give you the time of day in London, but this new map commissioned by Provident personal credit reveals that the friendliest people in the British Isles are actually in Aberystwyth.

While York makes a creditably No. 5 in the top 10 of the friendliness stakes, the chart is dominated by the Welsh, with Wrexham and Swansea showing strongly as well as top-placed Aberystwyth.

There’s some consolation for the ‘unfriendly’ South East in the form of entries for Chelmsford and Brighton in the top half of the chart.

The West Wales city comes top in six of the seven surveys conducted for Provident, making it the happiest, most welcoming, most polite, safest and most trusting place in the UK, as well as the friendliest. It slips to third when it came to 'area up keep', with Worcester taking the well-kept spoils.

When it comes to unhappiness, Leicester propped up the table in the survey which was conducted in December and January 2015. Given that their football team was bottom of the Premier League at the time, can we expect the East Midlands city to top the happiness table next year?

How does your nearest city fare? See all the maps below:

Photo credit: Rex


Data from Provident Personal Credit