Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has said she "fully agrees that climate change is happening", saying the evidence on the issue is very strong.

Ms Truss, whose department is responsible for ensuring the country adapts to the impacts of climate change, said she agreed with Prime Minister David Cameron in drawing a link between global warming and extreme weather events.

Her stance on the issue is in contrast to her predecessor Owen Paterson, whose climate scepticism raised concerns among environmental campaigners and who was reported not to have been briefed on climate change by his department's chief scientist.

In an interview with Parliament's House magazine, Ms Truss said she had been briefed by both the Environment Department's (Defra) chief scientist Prof Ian Boyd and the Government's chief scientist Sir Mark Walport shortly after taking the role.

She told the magazine: "I fully agree that climate change is happening. I think the evidence is very strong, but this department's role is making sure we adapt to climate change and that's taken into account in all our modelling."

And she said that everything in the department was based on science: "From the analysis of floods to animal and plant diseases, it's all the latest science."

Ms Truss said the country was better protected against flooding than before last winter, when parts of the country, including the Somerset Levels, were hit by prolonged floods, and said the investment being put into flood defences would cut the risk by 5%.

As Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Ms Truss also said she had become a "bit obsessive" about buying British produce, adding: "My daughter polices it."

And she said she was keen to see British food beating other nationalities, even the French who are famed for their gastronomy.

"Some people have erroneously believed that other countries' products are better.

"But we've hit £100 million in terms of sparkling wine sales overseas. And our wines have won more awards than any other country. So move over Champagne," she said.