Practically every motorist has found a parking ticket on their windscreen that they believe was unfair.

Fighting the fines can often be more trouble than it’s worth. Many of us would rather pay up and pay less rather than go through all the palaver of contesting the ticket.

But that might all be about to change thanks to a handy new online tool that takes a lot of the work out of challenging a parking fine.

The system has launched in the Brighton & Hove Council region today, and the rollout will continue across England and Wales, with all regions barring London covered by the end of 2016.

The system will cover drivers who receive a ticket for parking in a council-owned car park or driving in a bus lane, but will not cover private car parks.

It’s intended to save money for councils as well as motorists by cutting down on the expense - around £200 per case on average – involved in generating the legal paperwork required to settle a parking fine case.

Currently, just 0.5% of people who have received parking tickets appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT), but 50% of people that do appeal  end up having their fine overturned.

Instead of writing letters contesting the case, drivers who have received a Penalty Charge Notice for parking or bus lane contravention will be able to upload photographic or even video evidence to the portal supporting their case using their PC or mobile device.

Caroline Sheppard, Chief Adjudicator of the TPT, said the portal would make appealing parking fines altogether more appealing.
“Getting a parking ticket can be a frustrating experience, but our new portal makes the appeals process quicker, simpler and more transparent, putting paid to the old adage that ‘the wheels of justice grind slowly’,” she said.

“The platform has already generated considerable interest from other areas of the UK judiciary because it is fast, efficient, accessible and will bring cost savings to local authorities as well as simplifying the process for those appealing.”

The new portal has been set up in association with Resolver, a complaints website which offers advice on how and when to contest parking fines and deal with other disputes.

Photo credit: Rex