Ten thousand revellers will tuck into 40,000 sandwich triangles and 20,000 butterfly cupcakes at the Queen's birthday street party.

A team of 125 people will spend 15 hours packing the 110,000 individual elements of the picnic lunches through the night on Saturday, ready for the event in The Mall on Sunday.

Among the treats, provided by Marks & Spencer, are two cupcakes, a mini pork pie, a selection of sandwiches, a raspberry royale dessert, a Scottish smoked salmon mousse, a Pembrokeshire chicken salad and a can of Pimm's and lemonade.

Tickets for the event cost £150 and guests will sit down at tables on the famous London thoroughfare with their wicker hampers which will come with a turquoise plastic plate, a matching set of plastic cutlery, a plastic wine tumbler and a napkin.

Here is a look at the ingredients and items being used for the lunches:

:: 25,000 Windsor apples. There are 2.5 apples in each bottle of apple juice.

:: 40,000 sandwich triangles using 20,000 slices of bread, which when stacked would be 10 times higher than Buckingham Palace.

:: The number of Scottish seeded oatcakes which when laid out would stretch the length of The Mall three times.

:: More than 1,322lb (600kg) of Red Leicester and Cornish Cove Cheddar cheese.

:: 20,000 delicate butterfly cakes - using 3,000 eggs.

:: The number of pork pies when stacked together would be more than 15 times the size of the Queen Victoria Memorial at the top of The Mall.

:: 106lb (48kg) of Piccalilli has been used to top the pies.