A new survey has found that 67% of 18-44 year olds would struggle to read a road map.

The survey into dependence on satnav systems by car leasing company, Cars On Demand, found that over half of us (55%) would have problems reading a map, with young people the biggest of these groups.

56% of all people surveyed also said they don’t keep a map in their car, and only 9% of 18-24 year olds said they would consider doing so, compared to 66% of those over 45.

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This may be because we trust our satnavs more than road maps, with 85% of respondents admitting to placing more trust in their satnavs.

Incredibly, 44% said that if their satnav broke, they would simply abandon their journey.

“The invention of this technology has been beyond valuable,” acknowledges Paul Brown, Managing Director at Cars On Demand.

“But we should still be wary of relying on it 100%. Keeping a road map in the car is never a bad idea either.”