‘Please, please give my angel’s hat back’

Grieving mum issues heartfelt plea for the return of her late baby daughter’s hat after it was stolen.
  • Can you help find Isobel's hat?
    Becky Barnes
    Last updated: 11 April 2014, 14:21 BST

    A grieving mum has launched a Facebook appeal to help find her late baby daughter’s hat which she carried everywhere until her handbag was snatched by a thief.

    Katie McGregor’s daughter Isobel passed away 20 minutes after she was born prematurely on January 26, 2013 and since then, she has treasured the tiny red crochet hat Isobel was wearing when she died.

    “It’s my connection to her,” the 29-year-old told BT.com.

    “I've carried her hat with me every day since she passed away.”

    Katie was left devastated when her handbag was stolen in Whitfield Street, London, at around 9.30pm on Wednesday, April 2.

    “It means everything to me,” said Katie. “The laptop, phone, everything else in the bag I don't care about - that’s replaceable. But Issy’s hat means the world and I'd do anything to have it back.”

    The thief is described as approximately 5ft 8 with chin-length parted greasy black hair and thick black-rimmed glasses.

    He was wearing a red and white Fila sports jacket, jeans and trainers and was carrying a bag and an Oyster card.

    Can you help find Isobel's hat?

    “Please, please give me my angel’s hat back,” added Katie. “Nothing else in there matters, I just need it back."

    The Facebook group Find Isobel’s Hat has gained more than 1,500 supporters since it was set up last week.

    If you can help please call police on 101 quoting crime reference 10725/02APR14 or email Katie on findisobelhat@gmail.com.

    Becky Barnes
    Last updated: 11 April 2014, 14:21 BST

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