Prince Harry has met the family of a Danish soldier whose body was flown back with him from Afghanistan.

The Prince visited the Danish Veterans Centre in Copenhagen with Prince Joachim of Denmark on Thursday.

While there he had a private meeting with the parents of 21-year-old Morten Krogh Jensen.

Harry, 33, has previously told of returning from his deployment to Afghanistan with the soldier’s coffin, as well as three critically injured British soldiers.

In his opening speech at the Invictus Games earlier this year he said the flight changed the direction of his life and led him to create Invictus.

Speaking after the meeting on Thursday, Prince Joachim said: “This (the soldier’s death) was an eye opener for Prince Harry.

“This was a motivating factor for him, to start pushing, to establish the Invictus Games. This is the culmination of that.”

Prince Harry and Prince Joachim of Denmark at the Copenhagen Danish Veterans Centre
Prince Harry and Prince Joachim of Denmark at the Copenhagen Danish Veterans Centre (Chris Jackson/PA)

He added: “You’ve got to look at it (the soldier’s death) from a very high perspective and say ‘well, it was not in vain after all’.

“This has benefited thousands over the last nine years.”

While at the centre Harry, who has been in the Danish capital on a two-day trip, watched a game of rolling football, which sees veterans lie on skateboard style boards, and met members of the Danish Invictus Games team.

He was reunited with Maurice Manuel, 41, a Danish veteran who has taken part in all three of the Invictus Games.

Harry was pictured kissing Mr Manuel on the head after he won a gold medal at the games in Canada.

When Harry met the veteran again, he joked: “My lips have never recovered.”

Earlier in the day Harry had warned of the dangers of social media for young people when he met ambassadors for mental health campaign One of Us at a Danish bakery.

He said: “People are spending far too much time online and it’s like a mental running machine that they can’t get off.

“You wouldn’t put your body through such a workout.

“I’m the last person to say ban it but people are suffering from mental fatigue and getting burnt out.”

Harry tours the Hellerup bakery
Harry tours the Hellerup bakery (Jonathan Brady/PA)

On his final visit of the trip, Harry met students at the Orestad Gymnasium school and told them he hoped to visit a refugee camp.

Nicolai Moltke-Leth, 47, founder of True North school, who was leading a discussion about refugees with students, asked Harry if he had ever visited a camp.

Harry said: “I want to, very soon.

“It just depends on when I have time to do it.”

Harry is greeted at the Orestad Gymnasium
Harry is greeted at the Orestad Gymnasium (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Speaking to another group of students Harry apologised for the older generation but said he was hopeful for the younger generation.

He said: “I say your generation because I’m 33, despite the fact I’m still trying to clutch on to youth.”

He added: “Your generation gives every single person hope, I promise you that.”

The Prince arrived in the Danish capital on Wednesday morning after flying in by private plane and started the trip by meeting Queen Margrethe II of Denmark at the Palace of Amalienborg.

His trip to Denmark is the latest in a series of European trips made by the royal family this year, following last year’s Brexit vote.

Speaking at a reception at the city’s Tivoli Gardens on Wednesday evening, he spoke of the “strong ties” between the two countries. He said: “Our two countries have an unbreakable bond which is as strong now as it ever has been.”

A spokesman for Kensington Palace said there were “no current plans” for Harry to visit a refugee camp. In 2015 the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall toured a camp in Jordan, near the Syrian border, and described the plight of the refugees as “heartbreaking”.

Harry’s girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, is global ambassador for World Vision Canada, a charity which helps refugees and disaster survivors.

In the past she has commented on how she combines her glamorous lifestyle with humanitarian commitments, saying: “While my life shifts from refugee camps to red carpets, I choose them both because these worlds can, in fact, coexist. And for me, they must.”