A 12-year-old boy who already has three community college degrees and has been accepted at two University of California campuses is planning to study biomedical engineering and become a doctor and medical researcher by the time he is 18.

Tanishq Abraham has been accepted to UC Davis and received a regents scholarship to UC Santa Cruz, but he has yet to make up his mind which university he will attend.

"I think I'll be 18 when I get my MD," he told Sacramento television station CBS 13.

Tanishq, from Sacramento, started community college at seven and last year he received associate's degrees in general science, maths, physical science and foreign language studies from American River College.

Professors at the Sacramento college did not initially want him in their classes because of his age. But finally a professor agreed to let him attend if his mother, a doctor of veterinary medicine, also took the class.

"There were times when I had to explain general relativity and special relativity to my mom," Tanishq said.

Biology professor Marlene Martinez said he was never afraid to ask lot of questions.

"In lecture he would always pop up with 'So, does that mean? ...' or 'What about this?', " she said.

Tanishq, who joined IQ society Mensa at just four, has always picked up knowledge quickly, his father Bijou Abraham said.

"We tested him and discovered that he was pretty smart," he told NBC News. "We were surprised when we started giving him advanced stuff and he was picking it up really fast."

Tanishq says child geniuses are often seen as odd. "When you think of a genius, you think of a mad scientist kind of thing," he said.

But he insists he is just an ordinary boy who likes learning and microscopes - and also playing video games.

"I just think learning is fun," he said.