Thousands of people have signed a petition to save a children's haven at risk of demolition in the Calais refugee camp.

The Kids' Cafe provides 200 meals a day, English and French classes, and asylum advice for unaccompanied minors in what has been dubbed the "jungle".

It is at risk of being demolished alongside dozens of other restaurants, shops and amenities, and on Wednesday a French court is expected to decide whether authorities should go ahead and knock them all down.

An online petition called "Save the Kids Cafe", started by volunteer teacher Hari Reed, has more than 50,000 supporters on

Ms Reed, 23, from south London, said: "The Kids' Cafe is so important to the lives of the most vulnerable in the Calais camp.

"While teaching English in the Cafe I got to know many of the boys individually and it is so significant for them to have somewhere they can go to eat, play, study, charge their phones and feel secure.

"I am urging as many people as possible to sign this petition, I truly believe the demolition of this space would have a negative impact on the already difficult lives of these young people."

Ms Reed said most of the children who avail of the cafe are from Afghanistan, adding that it also puts on music classes and workshops in subjects such as science and drama.

The petition's web page points out that The Kids' Cafe is not a business.

It says: "Our cafe is a vital way to register and keep track of minors. More importantly it is one of the few spaces left the kids can call their own.

"The French authorities are deciding whether to close all 'businesses' on this date. The Kids' Cafe is NOT a business. It is part of Jungle Books' not-for-profit organisation, run completely on donations, and all food distributed to the kids is free.

"The food is of good quality and preparation and distribution is clean and safe. With the Kids' Cafe gone, the jungle will simply become an even more dangerous place for unaccompanied minors."