With host nation Brazil trying to win its sixth World Cup, one family in the country will be keeping its fingers crossed - all six on each hand.

All 14 members of the Silva family from Aguas Claras, a town on the outskirts of the capital of Brasilia, have a genetic condition called polydactyly. This means that they are born with an extra digit on each hand.

The Silva family are the focus of the nation's media as Brazil to secure its sixth world title.

Ana Carolina Santos da Silva said: "Since the last World Cup we wanted Brazil to become hexacampeao (six-times champion).

"That would be the envy of the soccer world. But it didn't happen, so this year we really want Brazil to achieve the sixth."

Far from a hindrance, having an extra finger seems to help the Silva family perform domestic chores and pursue musical talents.

Fourteen-year-old Joao de Assis da Silva shows off his dexterity moving up and down his guitar's fret board.

His eight-year-old cousin, Maria Morena da Silva, has dreams of making music too. "I have never played the piano, but I want to learn, and it might be easier playing with six fingers," she says.