The Great British Bake Off has disappeared from our screens for the winter, but if you’ve been inspired why not invest in a bread maker?

A bread maker is very easy to use, simply add the ingredients in the right order, put the lid down, turn it on and a few hours later you’ve got a perfect loaf.

Bread makers also let you create the loaf you want – be it gluten free, extra raisons, brown or white, while some even allow you to experiment with croissants and scones.

Make a toast to Homemade Bread Day on November 17 and celebrate with these great bread makers...

All about variety

Kenwood Bread Machine BM450

Kenwood Bread Machine BM450

Price: £139.99 Co-operative Electrica


If you're after artisan breads, this is the machine for you. You can make lots of different types of bread, including croissants, naan and pizza. With so many options, you could be forgiven for thinking this would make the machine complicated, or involve too many programmes with little instruction. Not so, there is an 'automatic ingredients dispensing system' to help you construct your perfect loaf, easy to use programmes, as well as the option to create your own.

It does - as you'd expect - do all the stages for you including kneading, rising and baking. A great function is the time delay of up to 15 hours, meaning you can have a freshly baked loaf waiting for you the moment you walk in the door or wake up.


Rustic charm

Panasonic SD-ZB2512 breadmaker, Stainless Steel

Panasonic SD-ZB2512 breadmaker

Price: £189.95


My, what a lovely piece of kit! It's simple to use, has great capabilities and the shiny exterior will suit most kitchens.

The instructions are comprehensive, yet straightforward to follow and will highlight exactly how and where to use the accessories.

Pop raisins or nuts into the dispenser, yeast into the other slot, add the rest of your ingredients to the good-sized container and you're set.

What's particularly appealing about this gadget is the control panel which is made to be as simple as possible and will keep you updated with what stage the bread is at.

If you are keen on 'rustic' loafs - they even have an option of 'rustic scones'. So if that's your bag, you're in luck!


An all-rounder

Russell Hobbs, Multicooker 21850

Russell Hobbs, Multicooker 21850

Price: £69.99


This bread maker is Tardis like. To the outside eye it's not too imposing, but inside contains a healthy 5-litre capacity.

However, it's not limited to making bread - this is an all-in-one that will also rustle up stews, soups, yoghurt, and will steam and slow cook too. There are 11 functions in all.

As for its baking capabilities, it may lack the many options of other bread makers, but it's great at what it does.

Wipe the side of the bowl with oil, add your dough to it, choose the bread option and off it goes. It automatically chooses a three-hour setting, but you can change this.

If you're keen on owning a contraption that's not limited to bread making, this will suit - its versatility is extraordinary.


Gluten free

Zero Gluten Baker by Imetec

Zero Gluten Baker by Imetec

Price: £199.99


Forget perfume, it's got nothing on the smell of freshly baked bread. However, if you're gluten intolerant it can be an unwelcome temptation. But there's no need to miss out on the joys dough brings with this bread maker. As you can probably guess from the name and stockist, this is made specifically to help coeliacs who don't want to miss out on bread, or have to spend ages in the kitchen mixing up a sticky mess!

There are seven settings - including Italian bread and cakes. It also comes with a recipe book which includes 30 tasty treats to whip up (the chocolate fudge cake looks delicious).

On top of that, it comes with a 200g box of Orgran Gluten Free Gluten Substitute.


Size is everything

Lakeland Small Space Bread Machine

Lakeland Small Space Bread Machine

Price: £99.99


If you have a small kitchen, gadgets can take up valuable counter-space, and that's where this little number comes in. Lovely and compact (26x34x26.5cm), while it may be small, that doesn't mean you miss out on great functionality.

On top of the bread maker, you'll find the 12 settings and their corresponding number - something that will prove to be incredibly handy if you lose the booklet or don't want to have to look up the details every time you are pick a bake.

The 12 options include cake, French bread, whole wheat, sweet and gluten free. The booklet itself contains some great recipes with easy-to-read instructions.

When you take into account its price, size and capabilities, this is a real gem of a bread maker.


Speed king

Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake Breadmaker

Price: £47.98

Morphy Richards 48280 Fastbake Breadmaker


If you're looking for a good all-rounder at a great price, you'll struggle to beat this bread maker. You can create your own masterpiece in under an hour and keep an eye on your bread using the viewing window.

Very simple to use and clean, pop your ingredients in (there are recipes provided), choose from 12 programmes and just click start.

You might think that for the price they might scrimp on options, but you're not limited to bread, you can also make cakes and jam.

A lovely little contraption that is perfect for those who want their doughy treats fast.

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