If you’re still impressed by cameras which help you park your car, wait until you see what else technology will bring to the driving experience over the next few years.

We're increasingly surrendering control of the wheel to artificial intelligence, and fully autonomous travel is on the not-so-distant horizon. Such high-tech offerings always debut in top of the range models, and who better to look to for luxury cars that ooze with premium features than Audi? Here are some we tried in the new-all Audi A8 which was unveiled at the Audi Summit in Barcelona.

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A foot massage

Audi foot massage

Some cars already had back massage features but this really takes it to another level. A car is the last place you'd expect to see a foot massage machine, but Audi has built one into the back of the front passenger seat on the A8 L. 

The footrest allows the lucky passenger – or parked-up driver - to warm and massage the soles of their feet.


Traffic jam piloting

Any driver who has endured the frustration of stop-start traffic, nudging forward a few yards a minute, will welcome this innovation from Audi.

In the new A8, Audi AI takes control of driving in slow traffic up to about 35 mph, as long as it's on a highway where a physical barrier separates the two carriageways.

All you have to do is hit one button and the car will take control of all starting, accelerating, steering and braking for you. This should allow you to get on with something else but for many countries (including the UK) laws on what you can do behind the wheel even with automation in play are still to be ironed out. 


Let the car park itself

Audi AI can also park the car for you with the parking pilot and remote garage pilot modes. You simply step out of the car and use the myAudi app to activate the self-parking feature.


Passengers control just about everything from a mini-tablet

Passengers in the back of the A8 aren’t being left out of this technology revolution. They can use a mini-tablet to control everything from temperature and seat positions to music, window blinds and more.

Audi A8

Voice control and self-learning navigation

Voice control means you no longer have to take your eyes off the road to fiddle with the car’s control panel, and the A8 features the very latest voice control system, supported by one of the most natural voices on the market.

On top of this is an extensively optimised navigation system, which analyses where you drive and ‘learns’ the best routes, allowing it to provide more intelligent search suggestions.


The new Audi A8 and A8 L will be available in Germany from late autumn, with a starting price of €90,600 for the A8 and €94,100 for the A8 L.

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