Back ache is one of the most common reasons why people cannot come into work, according to the UK’s leading charity for those affected by the pain.

That’s why Backcare has set up Back Care Awareness Week to educate people on how best to avoid suffering from back or neck pain and share advice on how to lift heavy items of furniture properly and how to sit properly.

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It’s not just exercising properly that can help ease your aches and pains. Technology can offer a helping hand when it comes to moving furniture, identifying the cause of your aches, or smartening up your underwear.

Virtual reality to 'see' your back pain

If you’re feeling an ache with your back, a London chiropractor has found a way to use the technology to help you “see” what the problem is.

Matt Flanagan, founder of the Back To Health clinic, is offering what he describes as “the world’s first VR experience that enables back pain sufferers to see their troubled spines in three dimensions”.


The VR experience allows the patient to see what their spine looks like in 3D, re-created from X-rays and photographs, alongside a 3D visualisation of the perfect spine.

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Smart underwear to cure your aches

In August, a group of university engineers in Tennessee announced that they had created a set of smart underwear that can be worn to reduce strain on the lower back.

The unusual undergarments are made up of a pair of boxer shorts with attached chest and back straps that engage when the wearer lifts something or exerts strain on their back.

The project lead, Karl Zelik at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, cited superheroes Iron Man and Batman as inspirations behind the project.

“I’m sick of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne being the only ones with performance-boosting supersuits. We, the masses, want our own.

“The difference is that I’m not fighting crime. I’m fighting the odds that I’ll strain my back this week trying to lift my two-year-old.”

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Avoid moving your sofa with robot furniture

A solution to shifting heavy items of furniture could be provided by Ori Systems. The technology firm say that its origami-style units can shift into different rooms at the touch of a button.

Ori apartment animation from Ori on Vimeo.

The single robotic unit can be moved around a space offering different room settings and usage options as it does.

You do not even have to be at home to see your furniture regenerate itself, as it’s controllable via an app.

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Get a smart home assistant

To stop rushing about the house and potentially causing yourself injury, you could invest in a smart home assistant.

Last week, Amazon unveiled a whole range of new Echo smart home devices that allow you to change music, broadcast news and order a take-away.

So sit back, put your feet up and let Alexa, the voice-controlled speaker, do your chores for you!

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