We're used to being able to catch up with our favourite current TV shows on the BBC's iPlayer, but the Corporation's streaming service is delving into the past to offer up a selection of classic programmes from the past.

iPlayer has added a new ‘From the Archive’ category which allows viewers to watch 450 shows from 1946 onwards.

This includes interviews with Muhammad Ali and Salvador Dali, nature programmes by Sir David Attenborough, Horizon documentaries and the full series of Killing for Love.

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What can you watch on BBC iPlayer’s 'From the Archive'?

The new category allows you to watch documentaries, TV series and historical footage.

Highlights include 31 programmes from Attenborough’s early years as a naturalist, Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and shows from the Storyville documentary strand.

There is also footage that has not been shown since it was first broadcast, including interviews with World War One veterans and civilians, filmed in the 1960s.

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The category will make “available hundred of gems from the past including some historic documentary series and interviews with cultural and sporting icons”, said Dan McGolpin, controller of Programming and Daytime at the BBC.

The BBC also added that more titles would be added to the service in the coming years.

What archive shows are available?

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends

Five episodes from this cult documentary classic from the late 1990s are now available to view on the iPlayer, including a visit to the American south west to try and spot some UFOs and a trip to Dallas to meet some born-again Christian evangelists.

Elsa the Lioness

First transmitted in 1961, David Attenborough travels to Meru National Park in Kenya to meet the lion that inspired the book and film, Born Free.

How They Dug the Victoria Line

When you’re squished against another commuter and trying not to get hit by a tourist’s enormously large luggage, spare a thought for the miners that spent six months burrowing under London to dig out the tunnels for the Victoria Line.

Aired in 1969, this documentary also offers the chance to learn why the ground at Tottenham Court Road had to be frozen in 1966.

Killing for Love

The chilling documentary series Killing for Love examines why people commit crimes against those they once loved.

How to get the best out of BBC iPlayer

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